XBRL 2.0

Digital financial reporting that actually works


… that XBRL data is non-standard, non-comparable and non-usable without modification. For Q4 2018, XBRLogic identified 28,743 quality issues in 4,354 SEC filings by companies using the US-GAAP commercial taxonomy. The analysis covers the 3 primary statements, comprising roughly 20%, or .34 million of the 1.74 million line items reported. The nine issues restrict the use of XBRL data for financial models, consistent analytics and reliable filters. Any serious user of XBRL data has dealt with these problems either by 1) adding or correcting metadata and mapping non-standard tags, or 2) rolling up data into broader elements and losing granularity or 3) using flawed, inconsistent data.

Here’s the breakdown by category.